What is One-Punch man’s Saitama’s weakness?

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Saitama was bored. He had defeated every monster and villain that came his way with a single punch. He had no challenge, no thrill, no excitement. He wondered if there was anything in the world that could make him feel alive again.


He decided to go for a walk around the city, hoping to find something interesting. He passed by a supermarket, a park, a school, and a bank. Nothing caught his eye. He sighed and continued walking.


Suddenly, he heard a loud scream. He turned his head and saw a group of robbers running out of a jewelry store. They were holding bags of jewels and guns. They shot at the police officers who were chasing them. Saitama felt a spark of curiosity. Maybe these robbers had some special abilities or weapons that could pose a threat to him. He decided to follow them.


He ran after the robbers, who were heading towards a getaway car. He easily dodged the bullets they fired at him. He reached the car and punched the driver, sending him flying out of the window. He then grabbed the car and lifted it up, shaking the remaining robbers out of it. He threw the car away and faced the robbers, who were terrified.


“Who are you?” one of them asked.


“I’m a hero for fun,” Saitama said.


“A hero? You’re a monster!” another one shouted.


“Please, spare us!” a third one begged.


Saitama was disappointed. These robbers were just ordinary humans. They had no special powers or weapons. They were no match for him. He felt his boredom return. He decided to let them go.


“Fine, whatever. Just don’t do this again,” he said.

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He turned around and walked away. The robbers were stunned. They quickly got up and ran away, leaving behind the bags of jewels.


Saitama continued his walk, feeling depressed. He wondered if there was anything in the world that could make him feel happy again.


He passed by a pet shop, a library, a restaurant, and a cinema. Nothing interested him. He sighed and kept walking.


Suddenly, he smelled something. He sniffed the air and followed the scent. He arrived at a bakery, where he saw a sign that said “Today’s Special: Banana Bread”. He felt a surge of joy. He loved banana bread. He decided to buy some.


He entered the bakery and approached the counter. He saw a young woman wearing an apron and a hat. She smiled at him.


“Hello, welcome to Sweet Treats. How can I help you?” she asked.


“I’d like some banana bread, please,” Saitama said.


“Sure, we have some fresh out of the oven. How many slices would you like?” she asked.


“Uh, how about ten?” Saitama said.


“Ten? Wow, you must really like banana bread,” she said.


“I do. It’s my favorite,” Saitama said.


“Mine too. It’s so moist and delicious. And it has nuts in it, which add some crunch and flavor,” she said.


“Yeah, nuts are great. They make everything better,” Saitama said.


They smiled at each other. Saitama felt a warm feeling in his chest. He liked this woman. She liked banana bread and nuts. She was nice and friendly. She made him feel happy.


She wrapped the banana bread in a paper bag and handed it to him.


“That’ll be 500 yen, please,” she said.


Saitama reached into his pocket and pulled out a 1000 yen bill. He gave it to her.


“Keep the change,” he said.


“Thank you. Have a nice day,” she said.


“You too,” Saitama said.


He took the bag and left the bakery. He felt a spring in his step. He decided to eat the banana bread at home. He walked towards his apartment, humming a tune.


He reached his apartment and opened the door. He saw Genos, his cyborg disciple, sitting on the couch. He was reading a book.


“Hey, Genos. I’m back,” Saitama said.


“Welcome back, master. Did you have a good walk?” Genos asked.


“Yeah, I did. I bought some banana bread. It’s my favorite,” Saitama said.


“Banana bread? I’ve never had that before. What is it?” Genos asked.


“It’s bread with bananas and nuts in it. It’s moist and delicious. Here, try some,” Saitama said.


He opened the bag and took out a slice of banana bread. He broke off a piece and gave it to Genos.


“Thank you, master. I’ll try it,” Genos said.


He put the piece of banana bread in his mouth and chewed. He felt a strange sensation. He felt a tingling in his tongue, a burning in his throat, and a swelling in his face. He spit out the banana bread and coughed.


“Master, what is this? It’s horrible. It’s hurting me. I can’t breathe,” Genos said.


“What? What’s wrong, Genos?” Saitama asked.


He looked at Genos and saw that his face was red and swollen. His eyes were watery and his mouth was foamy. He realized what had happened.


“Genos, are you allergic to nuts?” Saitama asked.


“Yes, master. I’m allergic to nuts. How did you know?” Genos asked.


“Because there are nuts in the banana bread. I’m sorry, Genos. I didn’t know. I thought you could eat anything,” Saitama said.


“I can eat anything, master. Except nuts. Nuts are my weakness. They can kill me,” Genos said.


“Genos, I’m so sorry. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. I’ll take you to the hospital. Hang in there, Genos,” Saitama said.


He picked up Genos and ran out of the apartment. He ran towards the nearest hospital, hoping to save his disciple.


He felt a pang of guilt. He had given Genos his weakness. He had almost killed him. He wondered if there was anything in the world that could make him feel worse.


He decided to never eat banana bread again.

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