What if Jiren won in Dragon ball super tournament

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What if Jiren won in Dragon Ball Super tournament?

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power was a thrilling battle royale that pitted the strongest warriors from eight universes against each other. The stakes were high, as the losing universes would be erased by the Omni-Kings, Zeno and Future Zeno. The final showdown was between Universe 7 and Universe 11, with Goku, Freeza, and Android 17 facing off against Jiren, the most powerful mortal in the multiverse.

In the anime series, Jiren was ultimately defeated by a team effort of Goku, Freeza, and Android 17, who sacrificed themselves to push him out of the arena1In the manga series, Jiren was eliminated by Goku alone, who used a surprise attack to catch him off guard2. In both cases, Universe 7 emerged victorious and Android 17, who survived the blast, used the Super Dragon Balls to wish back all the erased universes.

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But what if Jiren had won the tournament instead? How would the Dragon Ball Super story change if Universe 11 was the last one standing? Here are some possible scenarios:

  • Jiren would use the Super Dragon Balls to wish back his master, who was killed by a demon3. This was Jiren’s original wish, as revealed in the manga series. Jiren’s master, named Gicchin, was the one who taught him how to fight and inspired him to pursue justice. Jiren would want to reunite with his mentor and honor his legacy. However, this would also mean that all the other universes, including Universe 7, would remain erased, and Jiren would have to face the wrath of the Omni-Kings, who might not be pleased with his selfish wish.
  • Jiren would use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for more power. This was Jiren’s backup wish, as stated in the anime series. Jiren believed that strength was everything, and that he could overcome any obstacle with enough power. Jiren would want to surpass even the gods, and challenge the strongest beings in the multiverse, such as the Grand Priest, the Angels, and the Omni-Kings. This would also result in the permanent erasure of the other universes, and Jiren would likely face resistance from the gods, who would see him as a threat to the balance of the cosmos.
  • Jiren would use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for the revival of all the erased universes. This was Jiren’s noble wish, as suggested by Goku in the anime series. Goku believed that Jiren was not a bad person, and that he had a hidden kindness in his heart. Goku hoped that Jiren would use the Super Dragon Balls to restore all the universes, and that they could become friends and rivals. This would be the best outcome for everyone, as it would save the lives of billions of innocent beings, and satisfy the Omni-Kings, who wanted to test the morality of the participants. Jiren would also gain the respect and gratitude of the other universes, and possibly learn to trust and care for others.