Annihilation – AOT Short AMV 4K

Known in Japan as Shingeki no Kyojin, many years ago, the last remnants of humanity were forced to retreat behind the towering walls of a fortified city to escape the massive, man-eating Titans that roamed the land outside their fortress. Only the heroic members of the Scouting Legion dared to stray beyond the safety of the walls – but even those brave warriors seldom returned alive. Those within the city clung to the illusion of a peaceful existence until the day that dream was shattered, and their slim chance at survival was reduced to one...

15 January 2024

5 things you didn’t know about Attack on titan

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular and acclaimed anime series of all time, with a captivating story, complex characters, and stunning animation. The series is based on the manga by Hajime Isayama, who has created a rich and fascinating world full of secrets, mysteries, and surprises. Whether you are a fan of the anime or the manga, there are probably some things you didn’t know about Attack on Titan. Here are 5 of them: 1. The name of the series was inspired by a Norse myth The original Japanese title of the...

22 November 2023

Attack on Titan Ending with a Bang

The Final Goodbye In a desolate and war-torn landscape, amidst the ruins that once symbolized humanity’s struggle and perseverance, Armin Arlert stands facing Eren Yeager. The air is thick with tension and unspoken emotions, the weight of their shared history palpable in the silence between them. Eren, with a gaze that’s both resolute and pained, understands the gravity of what’s about to happen. Armin, his eyes reflecting a mix of sorrow and determination, knows that this is the only way to end the cycle of violence and bring about a resolution, no matter how heartbreaking...

21 November 2023