Shigure ui Yummi H€nT@! 初恋時間

OVA Hatsukoi Jikan! – OVA初恋時間。

1# “Sunburned Gal and Sweet Mutual Affection Sex! The talented author ‘Saimon’ brings the romantic love comic based on pure love sex to life as an OVA! I find myself watching the diligent studying of the sunburned gal, Megumi, rumored to be experienced in the art of love with numerous conquests, completely opposite to me, the introverted guy. It was supposed to be the end of our relationship once the tests were over… However, she promised to do something naughty as a ‘thank you’! But contrary to the rumors, she’s actually inexperienced and devoted… A youthfully pure and somewhat clumsy erotic story unfolds.”

2# “The maid who serves is a classmate! Anri, the maid who brings lunch while acting tsundere and wakes up her master every morning. One day, when she forgot her smartphone and returned to the room, she found her masturbating on her master’s bed… She demands sex, calling it discipline, from her usually tsundere self! Despite arguing with each other, their bodies and feelings melt into a first passionate experience filled with love. A pure-hearted love story with a tsundere maid.”